4 C's of Sapphires


The more saturated the sapphire is, the higher the market price.

Is known as the degree of darkness or lightness of a color. Medium is typically the most coveted tone.

Sapphire tone grades | Love & Promise Jewelers

Saturation is a color's strength or intensity. A large part of a gemstone's value lies in the saturation of its hue. Vivid owns the highest value.

Sapphire saturation grades | Love & Promise Jewelers


How the stone is cut affects the overall color distribution and sparkle.

No matter how fine the tone and saturation is, without a good cut, the stone will not sparkle! Love & Promise only carries good to excellent cuts, which is the top 40% of cuts in the market.

Sapphire cut grades | Love & Promise Jewelers


The clarity is the number of imperfections on the surface or within the gemstone.

Imperfections in sapphires are quite normal as many minerals get trapped during the formation process. The lesser the imperfections for natural sapphires, the higher the value.

Natural Inclusions

Some common examples of imperfections include feathers, cleavage, cavities, naturals, and fingerprints.


Typically the higher the carat weight, the higher the price per carat.

Carat is the unit of measurement used to weigh both diamonds and gemstones. One carat is equal to 200 milligrams or 0.20 grams. Gemstones are price per carat.

Sapphire Density

Sapphire gemstones are denser than diamonds, so the same weight may appear smaller. A 1 carat diamond will appear larger than a 1 carat sapphire because the sapphire material is denser.


The two highest standards of gemstones are heated and natural stones.
Natural treatment sapphire | Love & Promise Jewelers
Natural Sapphires

There are no treatments on this gemstone. Natural sapphires of fine colors are rare. They can demand a higher price per carat.

$$$ Highest Price Per Carat

Heated treatment sapphire | Love & Promise Jewelers
Heated Sapphires

There is only heat treatment to enhance the natural color and brightness. This treatment is very stable and well accepted within the jewelry industry.

$$ Second Highest Price Per Carat