Jewelry Care


How to Care for Your Jewelry Guidelines

1) Remember this rule: First to take off and Last to put on! Always put your jewelry on last after all your make up, hair styling, and putting on all your clothing. Always take off your jewelry for anything strenuous such as working out or lifting heavy objects. This includes ANY type of workout, including yoga, weights, dancing etc....Every time pressure is put on a ring (even thick rings) it will shift the original shape, after about 100 times of shifting the ring, and the original foundation will change. That's why all rings' stone will eventually loosen with continuous impact.

2) When putting on your ring, NEVER place any pressure directly onto the center stone. ALWAYS when putting on the ring 1) hold the ring with the center stone upright (facing north) 2) With the pointer finger holding on the west side of the ring and the thumb holding the east side 3) GENTLY/Slowly WIGGLE the ring past the knuckle. Never shove the ring past the knuckle as it will injure your knuckle and possibly damage the ring. Think of it like forcing a size 7 into a pair of size 5 shoes; it's neither good for the foot and shoe :/

3) ALWAYS take off all jewelry prior to going to bed. Your blankets can catch onto the prongs and break them off or you can damage the ring by hitting your hands against the headboard.

4) NEVER put your jewelry into any harsh chemicals such as chlorine, bleach, hairspray, etc... These chemicals break down and wear away the original chemical composition of the metals or damage the stones.

5) NEVER wear the rings with rubber/latex gloves; the tension/pressure from the tightness will loosen prongs and then cause the stone(s) to eventually loosen and/or fallout; in addition, the prongs can potentially puncture the gloves causing cross contamination. Wearing loose winter gloves, pulling gently on and off is ok.

6) ALWAYS Store all jewelry in room/cool temperature and AWAY from sunlight. The sunlight can damage certain gemstones like how it can damage your skin. Yikes!

7) Make sure to have your jewelry checked by a local jeweler or you can have the item sent back to us for inspection and tightening anywhere from every 3-6 months, if worn daily, in general for all jewelry. For full eternity rings and micropave rings, stones would need to be inspected/tightened at least every 3 months as these ring are require more care due to design. This is a like a regular check up for a car, since the ring is made with teeny tiny prongs, readjustments are necessary when the item has been banged around and endured everyday terrain! This will keep your ring in great condition and prevent stones from coming out!

8) If you'd like to avoid your center stone from clouding up or getting less shiny from residue and buildup, please avoid washing your hands with soap, showering, applying lotion. The soap and lotion builds up and causes the stone to appear cloudy. If you would like to visit one of our blogs on how to DIY clean your jewelry, please visit

9) Finally, always wear your jewelry with responsibility. Please note, all jewelry that is designed with delicacy needs tender loving care! Jewelry is not resistant to normal wear, activities or trauma; this is especially true for rings since hands are regularly subjected to extensive abuse. General rule of thumb, the more delicate and detailed the piece the more you should be gentle and wear with care. When worn with care, the item's quality will last longer.

Hopefully this information will help you maintain and keep all your jewelry beautiful! Yay! If you may need any additional detail on care for certain stones, please do not hesitate to contact us.