Meet Our Family


Established in 1988, Love & Promise Jewelers is a classic example of the American dream. Nancy Chin, an immigrant from China, started Love & Promise with only $2000 and "big" dreams of a better future for her 2 little children. Although Love & Promise has evolved over the years, our shop's core values have remained unchanged. We have, and will always, pride ourselves on quality built products and personalized service at everyday fair prices.

When Nancy "officially" retired in 2011, her 2 daughters (Shirley + Sharon) took over Love & Promise Jewelers. Within the same year, Love & Promise Jewelers launched Rosados Box®, a brand that live and breathed the family's ethos. We wanted an exclusive artisanal brand that was designed AND handcrafted here within our Chicago studios. What's even better? Our brand Rosados Box® focuses on sourcing sustainable + fair trade materials such as recycled re-purified golds, fairly traded gemstones, and conflict-free diamonds. Know that all our products ,within our Rosados Box® collection, is 100% guilt-free and handmade with love!

How else can we top that?! Rosados Box® is committed to sustainability + community beyond just the jewelry we create. Our shop uses biodegradable solutions for cleaning our jewelry, we recycle all our paper, metals, and plastics whenever we can, and all purchases come with a recyclable box and reusable tote! Yes, we take going green VERY seriously :o)

Because we believe that sustainability + community is beyond recycling and fair trade, Love & Promise Jewelers also gives back. A percentage of our earnings from ALL items sold in the Rosados Box® collection will be donated to charity foundations such as the Living Lands & Waters, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Purple Heart Homes, and C.A.S.L. These are organizations that are near and dear to our hearts that continue contribute back to their communities.

What's in the future for Love & Promise Jewelers beyond Rosados Box®? Love & Promise continues to find opportunities on how we can impact the earth + community. Our latest endeavor is our cruelty-free selfcare brand Purrfect Sunday. To learn more about Purrfect Sunday, please visit:

We are proud to be a small minority-owned + women-owned local business. Thank you for listening our story and your continued support! We can't wait for our products to be part of your many special memories Xoxo.

Our Rosados Box® collection is exclusively sold here, our Love & Promise site, or our Etsy ! Other companies claiming to sell our products are not authorized and we do not offer any warranties or guarantees through them. Thank you for understanding.

*In the collage are Nancy, Shirley, Sharon, and our fur family members Bear Lion, Luna Tuna, Marlo, & Zen.